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Nontraditional Drug-free Model of Successful Recovery

A natural approach to a
healthy life

Are you losing a loved one to drugs?

Drug abuse ruins lives: the addict's friends, family and associates are often embroiled into the upsets caused by the addiction. The addict can't always see or understand how others suffer because of her actions or inactions. Or, when the addict is painfully aware of the devastation his drug use results in, he is too trapped in the cycle of addiction and forced into continued drug use by painful withdrawal symptoms or the pressures of life when drugs are not numbing his unwanted pains, sensations or emotions. The person uses because drugs prevent unwanted feelings, pains, emotions and sensations. The suffering of others can be unfelt or even unperceived by the drug user. "Other people just have to get used to my drug using lifestyle", believes the user.

The addict and his/her sympathizers may say the solution is coping with the users out of control life or discarding certain drug laws or morals to make addiction acceptable. The past 150 years of drug tolerance, promotion and more drugs to address the problems of life and drug-use have brought society to epidemics of drug addiction and devastation.

The real solution is putting the drug user/addict back in control of his/her life without drugs. The Narconon Program has the solution to drug addiction.

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